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vacillate v. ~ (fml usu derog , ) keep changing one's mind; move backwards and forwards between two emotions
vacuous adj. showing or suggesting absence of thought or intelligence; inane
vagabond n. wanderer or vagrant, esp an idle or dishonest one
vagary n. strange,unusual or capricious change; whim
vagrant n. person without a settled home or regular work; tramp
vain adj. having too high an opinion of one's looks, abilities, etc; conceited ;
vainglorious adj. full of vainglory; conceited and boastful ;
valediction n. (words used in) saying farewell, esp on serious occasions
valedictory adj. serving as or accompanying a farewell
valid adj. legally effective because made or done with the correct formalities
validate v. make legally valid; ratify
valor bravery
vampire n. reanimated corpsebelieved by some to leave its grave at night and suck the blood of living people
vanguard n. the vanguard leading part of an advancing army or fleet
vantage n. position,etc that gives sb superiority or advantage
vapid adj. dull or uninteresting
vaporize to convert (as by the application of heat or by spraying) into vapor
variegate To mark with different shades or colors.
variegated adj. marked irregularlywith differently coloured patches, streaks, spots, etc
varnish n. hard shiny transparent coating applied to the surface of esp woodwork or metalwork
vassal n. man promising to fight for and be loyal to a king or lord in return for the right to hold land
vaunted [ vaunt: ] vt. to describe, praise, or display (one's success, possessions, etc.) boastfully
veer v. (esp of a vehicle) change direction or course
vegetate v. live a dull life with little activity or interest
vehement adj. showing or caused by strong feeling; passionate
velocity n. (usu of inanimate things ) speed, esp in a given direction
venal adj. ready to accept money for doing sth dishonest
vendetta n. hereditary feud between families in which murders are committed in revenge for previous murders
vendor n. person who sells food or other small items from a stall in the open air
veneer n. decorative wood or plastic glued to the surface of cheaper wood (for furniture, etc) ,
venerable adj. deserving respect because of age, character, associations, etc
venerate v. respect (sb/sth) deeply; regard as sacred
venial adj. not serious; excusable
venison n. flesh of a deer used as meat
venom n. poisonous fluid of certain snakes, scorpions, etc, injected by a bite or sting
vent n. opening that allows air, gas, liquid, etc to pass out of or into a confined space ,
ventilate v. cause air to enter and move freely through
ventral adj. of or on the abdomen
ventriloquist n. person skilled in this
venture n. project or undertaking,esp a commercial one where there is a risk of failure
venturesome adj. (of people) ready to take risks; daring
venue n. place where people agree to meet, esp for a sports contest or match
veracious adj. (of a person) truthful
veracity n. truthfulness; truth
verbalize put into words
verbatim adj. adv exactly as spoken or written; word for word
verbiage n. (use of) too many words, or unnecessarily difficult words,to express an idea, etc
verbose adj. using or containing more words than are needed
verdant adj. (of grass, vegetation, fields, etc) fresh and green
verdigris n. greenish-blue substance that forms on copper, brass and bronze surfaces
verge n. = soft shoulder (soft)
verisimilar having the appearance of truth probable
verisimilitude n. appearance or semblance ofbeing true or real
veritable adj. rightly named or called; real
verity n. truth (of a statement, etc)
vernacular n. language or dialect spoken in a particular country or region, as compared with a formal or written language
vernal adj. of, in or appropriate to the season of spring
versatile adj. turning easily or readily from one subject, skill or occupation to another
vertebrate n, adj having a backbone
vertex n. (fml) highest point or top; apex
vertigo n. feeling of losing one's balance, caused esp by looking down from a great height; dizziness
verve n. enthusiasm, spirit or vigour, esp in artistic or literary work
vestige n. small remaining part of what once existed; trace
veto n. constitutional right to reject or forbid a legislative proposal or action
vex v. anger or annoy (sb), esp with trivial matters
viable adj. sound and workable; feasible
viand food
vibrant adj. vibrating strongly; resonant
vicar n. clergyman in charge of a parish where tithes formerly belonged to another person or an institution
vicarious adj. felt or experienced indirectly, by sharing imaginatively in the feelings, activities, etc of another person
vicissitude n. (fml ) change in one's circumstances,esp for the worse
victuals n. food and drink; provisions ;
vie v. ~ with sb (for sth/to do sth); ~ for sth (fml ) compete keenly with sb (for sth); rival sb for sth
vigil n. staying awake, esp at night, to keep watch or to pray
vigilance watchfulness
vigilant adj. looking out for possible danger, trouble, etc; watchful or alert
vigilante n. member of a self-appointed group of people who try to prevent crime and disorder in a community
vignette n. illustration, esp on the title-page of a book, but not in a definite border
vigor active bodily or mental strength or force
vile adj. extremely disgusting
vilify v. (fml ) say evil or insulting things about (sb); slander
vindicate v. clear (sb/sth) of blame or suspicion
vindictive adj. having or showing a desire for revenge; unforgiving
vintner n. wine-merchant
violate v. break or be contrary to
viper n. any of various types of poisonous snake found in Africa, Asia and Europe ,
virile adj. (of men) having procreative power; sexually potent
virtual adj. being or acting as what is described, but not accepted as such in name or officially
virtue n. moral goodness or excellence
virtuoso n. person who is exceptionally skilled in the techniques of a fine art, esp playing a musical instrument or singing
virulent adj. extremely harmful or deadly
virus n. simple organism, smaller than bacteria, and causing infectious disease
visage n. person'sface
visceral adj. of the viscera
viscid adhesive; gluey
viscous adj. not pouringeasily; thick and sticky
vise tool for holding work in place
vision n. power of seeing; sight
visionary adj. having or showing foresight or wisdom
vital adj. connected with or essential to life
vitiate v. weaken or spoil the quality or efficiency of (sth)
vitreous adj. having a glass-like texture or finish
vitriolic adj. savagely and bitterlyhostile
vituperative adj. vituperative debate, criticism, etc
vivacious adj. (esp of a woman) lively or high-spirited
vivid adj. strong and bright; intense
vivisection n. practice of performing surgical experiments on live animals for scientific research
vixen n. female fox
vociferous adj. loudor noisy; expressing one's views forcibly and insistently
vogue n. ~ current or prevailing fashion
volatile adj. changing rapidly into vapour
volition n. act of using one's will in choosing, making a decision, etc
volley n. simultaneous throwing or firing of a number of stones, bullets, etc
voluble adj. (of a person) speaking a lot; talkative
voluminous adj. (of clothing etc) using much material; loose-fitting or ample
voluptuous adj. giving a feeling of luxury or sensual pleasure
voodoo n. form of religion based on belief in witchcraft and magical rites, practised by blacks in the W Indies, esp in Haiti ,
voracious adj. very greedy in eating; ravenous
vortex n. whirling mass of water, air, etc, as in a whirlpool or whirlwind
vouch v. ~ for sb/sth take responsibility for or express confidence in (a person, his behaviour, etc); guarantee
vouchsafe v. ~ sth (dated or fml ) grant sth (to sb) as a gift or privilege
voyeur n. person who gets pleasure from watching in secret others undressing or engaging in sexual activities
vulgar adj. lacking in good taste or refinement
vulnerable adj. ~ that can be hurt, wounded or injured
vulpine adj. of or like a fox
vulture n. large bird, usu with head and neck almost bare of feathers, that lives on the flesh of dead animals
vying pres p of vie