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ubiquitous adj. (seeming to be) present everywhere or in several places at the same time
ulcer n. open sore containing poisonous matter on the outside of the body or on the surface of an internal organ
ulterior adj. beyond what is obvious or admitted
ultimate adj. beyond which no other exists or is possible; last or final
ultimatum n. final demand or statement of terms to be accepted without discussion, eg one sent to a foreign government and threatening war if the conditions are not accepted
umbrage n. give `umbrage; take `umbrage (at sth) (fml or joc ) (make sb) feel offended or slighted
unaccountable adj. that cannot be explained or accounted for
unanimity n. complete agreement or unity
unassailable adj. that cannot be attacked or conquered
unassuming adj. not drawing attention to oneself or to one's merits or rank; modest
unbridled adj. not controlled or checked
uncanny adj. unnatural
unceremonious adj. without proper formality or dignity
unconscionable adj. unreasonable or excessive
uncouth adj. rough, awkward or ill-mannered; not refined ,
unction n. action of anointing with oil as a religious rite
unctuous adj. insincerelyearnest or flattering, esp in an oily way
undergird strengthen the base of
underhand adj. done or doing things in a sly or secret way; deceitful
undermine v. make a hollow or tunnel beneath (sth); weaken at the base
underscore v. = underline
understate v. state or express in a very controlled way
undertaker n. person whose business is to prepare the dead for burial or cremation and arrange funerals
undulate v. have a wave-like movement or appearance
undulating [ undulate: ] to move or cause to move in waves or as if in waves
unearth v. ~ sth uncover or obtain sth from the ground by digging
unearthly adj. supernatural or mysterious or frightening
unequivocal adj. having only one possible meaning; clear and unmistakeable
unerringly adv.
unexceptionable adj. that cannot be criticized; entirely satisfactory
unfaltering steadfast
unfeigned adj. not pretended; genuine or sincere
unfetter to release from fetters, bonds, etc.
unfledged immature
unfrock v. dismiss from the priesthood
ungainly adj. clumsy or awkward; not graceful
unguent ointment
uniformity sameness; consistency; monotony
unilateral adj. done by or affecting one person, group, country, etc and not another; one-sided
unimpeachable adj. that cannot be doubted or questioned; trustworthy
uninhibited unrepressed
unique adj. being the only one of its type
unison n. in unison (with sb/sth) sounding or singing together the same musical note (or the same note in different octaves)
universal adj. of, belonging to, affecting or done by all people or things in the world or in a particular group
unkempt adj. not kept tidy; looking dishevelled or neglected
unmitigated adj. having no accompanying advantages whatever; complete; absolute
unobtrusive adj. not too obvious or easily noticeable; not drawing attention to itself or himself; discreet
unprecedented adj. without precedent; never having happened, been done or been known before
unprepossessing adj. not attractive or appealing in appearance
unravel v. (cause sth woven, knotted or tangled to) separate into strands
unregenerate unrepentant; unreformed
unrequited adj. (esp of love) not returned or rewarded
unruly adj. not easy to control or discipline; disorderly
unsavory distasteful; morally offensive
unscathed adj. not injured or hurt; unharmed
unseemly adj. (of behaviour,etc) not proper or seemly; unbecoming
unsightly adj. not pleasant to look at; ugly
untenable adj. that cannot be defended
untoward adj. inconvenient or unfortunate; awkward
unwarranted adj. unjustified or unauthorized
unwieldy adj. awkward to move or control because of its shape, size or weight
unwitting adj. not knowing or aware
unwonted adj. not customary or usual
upbraid v. ~ sb (dated or fml ) scold or reproach sb
upright adj. in a vertical position; erect
uproar n. noise and excitement or anger; tumult
uproarious adj. very noisy or high-spirited
upshot n. the ~ the final result or outcome
urbane adj. having or showing refined manners, smooth elegance and sophistication
urchin n. (esp dated ) mischievous or naughty child, esp a boy
urge v. drive forcibly or hurry in a certain direction
urgent adj. needing immediate attention, action or decision
ursine bearlike; pertaining to a bear
usage n. manner of using sth; treatment
usurp v. take (sb's power, right, position) wrongfully or by force
usury n. (lending of money at) excessively high interest
utopia n. imaginary place or state of things in which everything is perfect
uxorious adj. excessively fond of one's wife