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quack interj, n harsh sound made by a duck
quadruped n. four-footed animal
quaff v. drink (sth) by swallowing large amounts at a time, not taking small sips
quagmire n. area of soft wet ground; bog or marsh
quail n. small bird, similar to a partridge .
quaint adj. attractively odd or old-fashioned
qualified adj. having completed the relevant training or examination
qualify v. ~ (sb) (for/as sth) have or give (sb) the qualities, training, etc that are necessary or suitable (for sth)
qualms [ qualm: ] a sudden feeling of sickness or nausea
quandary n. state of not being able to decide what to do; awkward or difficult situation
quarantine n. isolation for people or animals that may carry an infectious disease, until it is known that there is no danger of the disease being passed on to others
quarry n. animal or bird that is being hunted
quash v. reject (by legal procedure) as not valid; declare (sth) not to be enforceable by law
quay n. landing-place, usu built of stone or iron, for loading and unloading ships
queasy adj. having a tendency to feel sick; feeling sick
queer adj. different from what is expected; strange, esp in an unpleasant way
quell v. put an end to (sth); suppress
quench v. extinguish (fire, flames, etc), esp with water
querulous adj. complaining; irritable
query n. question
queue n. line of people, vehicles, etc waiting for sth or to do sth
quibble n. objection or criticism, esp atrivial one
quicksilver n. = mercury
quiescent adj. inactive; passive; quiet
quietude n. stillness; calm ;
quintessence n. the ~ of sth essential part of (a theory, speech, condition, etc)
quip n. witty or sarcastic remark
quirk n. habit or action that is peculiar to sb/sth
quisling n. traitor, esp one who helps an enemy occupying his country ,
quiver v. tremble slightly or vibrate
quixotic adj. noble, unselfish or gallant in an extravagant or impractical way
quizzical adj. in a questioning manner, esp when amused
quorum n. minimum number of people who must be present at a meeting (of a committee, etc) before it can proceed and its decisions, etc can be considered valid
quotidian adj. everyday; commonplace