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oaf n. stupid, clumsy and awkward person (usu male)
oath n. (words used in making a) solemn promise to do sth or solemn declaration that sth is true (usu appealing to God, etc as a witness)
oatmeal n. meal made from crushed oats, used in porridge, oatcakes, etc
obdurate adj. impossible to change; stubborn
obeisance n. deep bow (of respect or obedience)
obelisk n. tall pointed stone pillar with four sides, set up as a monument or landmark
obese adj. (of people) very fat
obfuscate v. (deliberately) make (sth) confused or difficult to understand
obituary n. printed notice (eg in a newspaper) of a person's death, often with a short account of his life and achievements
objective adj. not influenced by personal feelings or opinions; unbiased; fair
obligatory adj. required by rule, law or custom; compulsory
oblique adj. not horizontal or vertical; sloping; slanting
obliterate v. remove all signs of (sth); rub or blot out
oblivion n. state of forgetting; state of being unaware or unconscious
oblivious adj. ~ of/to sth unaware of or not noticing sth; having no memory of sth
obloquy n. public shame or disgrace; abuse; discredit ;
obnoxious adj. very unpleasant; nasty; offensive
obscure adj. not easily or clearly seen or understood; indistinct; hidden
obsequious adj. ~ (to sb) too willing to obey or serve; too respectful (esp in the hope of getting a reward or favour from sb)
obsequy exequies; funeral; interment
obsession n. ~ state of being obsessed
obsessive adj. of or having an obsession
obsidian black volcanic rock
obsolete adj. no longer used; out of date
obstetrician n. doctor who specializes in obstetrics
obstinate adj. refusing to change one's opinion or chosen course of action; stubborn
obstreperous adjnoisy and uncontrolled; unruly
obtrude v. ~(on/upon sb/sth) (fml ) force (oneself, one's opinions, ideas, etc) upon sb/sth, esp when unwanted
obtrusive adj. very noticeable or obvious; inclined to obtrude
obtuse adj. slow to understand; stupid
obviate v. remove (sth); get rid of
Occident n. the Occident the countries of the West, ie Europe and America
occlude to close up or block off:OBSTRUCT
occult adj. only for those with special knowledge or powers; hidden, secret
oculist n. specialist in treating diseases and defects of the eye
odds n. probability or chance
odious adj. disgusting; hateful
odium n. general or widespread hatred or disgust felt towards a person or his actions
odoriferous giving off an order
odorous adj. having a (pleasant or unpleasant) smell
odyssey n. long adventurous journey
offensive adj. upsetting or annoying; insulting
offhand adj. too casual; abrupt
officious adj. too ready or willing to give orders, offer advice or help, or use one's authority; bossy and interfering
ogle v. ~ at sb look or stare at (esp a woman) in a way that suggests sexual interest
olfactory adj. of or concerned with the sense of smell
oligarchy n. form of government in which a small group of people hold all the power
ominous adj. suggesting that sth bad is about to happen; threatening
omnipotent adj. having unlimited or very great power
omnipresent adj. present everywhere
omniscient adj. knowing everything
omnivorous adj. (of animals) eating both plants and animal flesh
onerous adj. needing effort; burdensome
onomatopoeia n. combination of sounds in a word that imitates or suggests what the word refers to eg hiss, cuckoo, thud ; hiss cuckoo thud
onslaught n. ~ fierce attack
onus n. the onus duty or responsibility (for doing sth); burden
ooze v. ~ from/out of sth; ~ out/away come or flow out slowly
opalescent adj. changing colour like an opal; iridescent
opaque adj. not allowing light to pass through; not transparent
opiate n. drug containing opium, used to relieve pain or to help sb sleep
opportune adj. (of time) suitable or favourable for a purpose
opportunist n. person who acts like this
opprobrium n. public disgrace and shame
optician n. person who makes and sells optical instruments, esp contact lenses and glasses
optimist n. person who is always hopeful and expects the best in all things
optimum adj. best or most favourable
optional adj. that may be chosen or not, as one wishes; not compulsory
optometrist one who fits glasses to remedy visual defects
opulence n. opulently
opus n. musical composition numbered as one of a composer's works (work1 5b) (usu in order of publication)
oracular adj. of or like an oracle; with hidden meaning
orator n. person who makes formal speeches in public
oratorio n. musical composition for solo voices, chorus and orchestra,usu with a Biblical theme
ordain v. make a priest or minister
ordeal n. difficult or painful experience
ordinance n. order, rule or law made by a government or an authority
ordination n. ceremony of ordaining (a priest or minister)
orgy n. wild party, usu with a lot of drinking and/or sexual activity
orient n. the Orient countries of the (Far) East (eg Japan, China)
orientation n. activity of orientating oneself; state of being orientated
orifice n. outer opening in the body, etc
ornate adj. richly decorated
ornithologist n. expert in ornithology
orthodox adj. generally accepted or approved
orthography n. (study or system of) spelling
oscillate v. move repeatedly and regularly from one position to another and back again
osseous adj. of bone; having bones; bony ;
ossify v. (fml ) (cause sth to) become hard like bone; change into bone ;
ostensible adj. stated though perhaps not true; apparent
ostentatious adj. showing or liking ostentation
ostracize exclude from public favor; ban
oust v. ~ sb (fml ) remove sb (from a position, job, etc) sometimes in order to take his place
outcast n, adj ~ (person) driven away from home, friends, society, etc; homeless and friendless (person)
outfit n. all the equipment or articles needed for a particular purpose; kit
outgoing adj. going out; leaving
outlandish adj. looking or sounding strange
outlaw n. person who has broken the law and is hiding to avoid being caught
outlook n. ~ view on which one looks out
outmoded adj. no longer fashionable
outrage n. (act of) great violence or cruelty
outskirts n. outlying districts (esp of a city or large town); outer areas
outspoken adj. ~ saying openly exactly what one thinks; frank
outstrip v. run faster than (sb in a race) and leave him behind
outwit v. win or defeat (sb) by being cleverer or more cunning than him
ovation n. great applause or cheering expressing welcome or approval
overbearing adj. forcing others to do what one wants (without caring about their feelings); domineering
overblown adj. past their best; too fully open
overhaul v. examine carefully and thoroughly and make any necessary repairs
oversee v. watch over and control (sb/sth); supervise
overt adj. done or shown openly or publicly; not secret or hidden
overthrow v. cause the downfall or defeat of (sb/sth); put an end to
overture n. ~ (fml ) friendly approach, proposalor offer made (to sb) with the aim of starting discussions
overturn v. turn over or upside-down; upset
overweening adj. showing too much self-confidence or conceit
overwhelm v. cover (sth/sb) completely by flowing over or pouring down on it/him; submerge suddenly
overwrought adj. in a state of nervous excitement, anxiety, etc; tense and upset
ovoid adj. n egg-shaped (object)