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nadir n. point in the heavens directly beneath an observer
narcissist [ narcissism: ] an exceptional interest in or admiration for oneself, esp. one's physical appearance
narrative n. spoken or written account of events; story
nascent adj. beginning to exist; not yet well developed
natal pertaining to birth
natation swimming
natty adj. (infml ) (often derog ) smart and tidy; neat
nausea n. feeling of sickness or disgust
nauseate v. make feel nausea
nauseous adj. causing nausea; disgusting ;
nautical adj. of ships, sailors or navigation
navigable adj. suitable for ships, boats, etc to sail on
nebula n. light or dark patch in the night sky caused by a cluster of very distant stars or a cloud of dust or gas
nebulous adj. cloudlike; hazy ;
necromancy n. art or practice of communicating by magic with the dead in order to learn about the future
nectar n. sweet liquid produced by flowers and collected by bees for making honey
nefarious adj. wicked; unlawful
negate v. deny or disprove the existence of (sb/sth)
negation n. action of denying
negligence n. lack of proper care or attention; carelessness
negligible adj. of little importance or size; not worth considering
nemesis n. (usu sing) (fml) deserved and unavoidable punishment for wrong doing
neologism n. newly-invented word
neophyte n. person recently converted to some belief or religion
nepotism n. practice among people with power or influence of favouring their own relatives, esp by giving them jobs
nether adj. lower
nettle n. common wild plant with hairs on its leaves that sting and redden the skin when touched
nexus n. (fml ) connected group or series; bond or connection
nib n. metal point of a pen
nicety n. accuracy; precision
niggardly adj. mean; stingy
niggle v. ~ give too much time and attention to unimportant details; criticize in a petty way
nihilism n. total rejection of all religious and moral beliefs
nihilist n. believer in nihilism
nimble adj. able to move quickly and neatly; agile
nip v. press (sth) hard (eg between the finger and thumb, or the teeth, or with the claws as a crab does); pinch
nirvana n. state of perfect bliss in which the individual becomes absorbed into the supreme spirit
nocturnal adj. of or in the night; done or happening in the night
noisome adj. offensive; disgusting; stinking
nomadic adj. of nomads; wandering
nomenclature n. system of naming, esp in a particular branch of science
nominal adj. existing, etc in name only; not real or actual
nonchalance indifference; lack of interest
noncommittal neutral; unpledged; undecided
nondescript n, adj without a distinctive character and so not easily classified
nonentity n. person without any special qualities or achievements; unimportant person
nonplus v. surprise or puzzle (sb) greatly
nonsense n. meaningless words
noose n. loop in one end of a rope, with a knot that allows the loop to be tightened as the other end of the rope is pulled
nostalgia n. sentimental longing for things that are past
nostrum n. medicine falsely recommended as effective; quack remedy ;
notable adj. deserving to be noticed; remarkable
notch n. ~ V-shaped cut in an edge or surface V
notoriety n. fame for being bad in some way
nourish v. keep alive and well with food
nourishment n. food
nova n. (astronomy) star that suddenly becomes much brighter for a short period
novelty n. quality of being novel; newness; strangeness
novice n. person who is new and inexperienced in a job, situation, etc; beginner
noxious adj. harmful; poisonous
nuance n. subtle difference in meaning, colour, feeling, etc
nubile adj. old enough to marry
nugatory adj. worthless; pointless; not valid
nullify v. make (an agreement, etc) lose its legal force
numismatist n. expert in numismatics; collector of coins and medals ;
nuptial adj. of marriage or of a wedding
nurse n. person, usu female, trained to help a doctor to look after the sick or injured
nurture v. care for and educate
nutrient n, adj (substance) serving as or providing nourishment, esp for plants or animals
nutrition n. nourishment; food
nutritious adj. of (high) value as food; nourishing