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labile readily or continually undergoing chemical, physical, or biological change or breakdown:UNSTABLE
laborious adj. needing much effort
labyrinth n. complicated network of winding passages, paths, etc through which it is difficult to find one's way
lace n. delicate fabric with an ornamental openwork design of threads
lacerate v. injure by tearing
laceration n. tearing of the flesh
lachrymose adj. in the habit of weeping; tearful; mournful
lackadaisical adj. lacking vigour and determination; unenthusiastic
lackluster lacking brilliance or vitality ; lacking luster or shine
laconic adj. using few words; terse
lag v. ~ (behind sb/sth); ~ (behind) go too slow; fail to keep pace with others
laggard n. person who lags behind
lagoon n. salt-water lake separated from the open sea by sandbanks or coral reefs
laity n. the laity all the members of a Church who are not ordained clergymen; laymen ;
lambaste v. hit (sb) hard and repeatedly; thrash ;
lament v. ~ (for/over sb/sth) feel or express great sorrow or regret for (sb/sth)
lampoon n. piece of writing that attacks and ridicules a person, a book, an institution, etc
lance n. weapon used for catching fish, etc with a long wooden shaft and a pointed steel head
lancet n. sharp pointed two-edged surgical instrument used for opening abscesses, etc
languid adj. lacking vigour or energy; slow-moving
languish v. lack or lose vitality
languor n. tiredness or laziness of mind and body; listlessness ;
lank adj. straight and limp
lap n. area formed by the upper part of a seated person's thighs
larceny n. (instance of) theft of personal goods
larder n. cupboard or small room used for storing food
largess n. generous giving of money or gifts, esp to sb of lower rank or status
lascivious adj. feeling, expressing or causing sexual desire
lassitude n. tiredness of mind or body
latch n. fastening for a gate or door, consisting of a bar that is lifted from its catch, groove, hole, etc by a lever
latent adj. existing but not yet active, developed or visible
lateral adj. of, at, from or towards the side
latitude n. distance of a place north or south of the equator, measured in degrees .
laud v. praise (sb/sth); glorify
laudable adj. deserving praise; praiseworthy
laudatory adj. expressing or giving praise
lavish adj. ~ ~ (in doing sth) giving or producing generously or in large quantities
lax adj. not sufficiently strict or severe; negligent
laxative n, adj causing or helping the bowels to empty
layman n. person who does not have an expert knowledge of a subject
leash n. = lead
leaven n. substance used to make dough rise before it is baked to make bread
leave-taking n. act of saying goodbye
lechery n. excessive interest in sexual pleasure
lectern n. high sloping desk made to hold a lecturer's notes, a Bible in church, etc
leery adj. ~ (infml ) wary; suspicious
leeway n. amount of freedom to move, change, etc that is left to sb
legacy n. money or property left to sb in a will
legato adj. adv (to be played) in a smooth even manner
legend n. story handed down from the past, esp one that may not be true
legerdemain n. skilful performance of tricks using the hands; juggling; conjuring ;
legislature n. body of people with the power to make and change laws
leniency mercifulness as a consequence of being lenient or tolerant ; a disposition to yield to the wishes of someone
leonine adj. of or like a lion
lethal adj. causing or able to cause death
lethargic adj. Hot weather makesme lethargic
levee n. assembly of visitors, esp at a formal reception
levitate v. rise and float in the air, esp by means of supernatural powers
levity n. lack of proper seriousness or respect
levy v. ~ sth (on sb) collect (a payment, etc) by authority or force; impose sth
lewd adj. treating sexual matters in a vulgar or indecent way
lexicographer n. person who compiles dictionaries
lexicon n. dictionary, esp of an ancient language ,
liability n. ~state of being liable
liaison n. communicationand co-operation between units of an organization
libel n. false written or printed statement that damages sb's reputation
libelous defamatory; injurious to the good name of a person
libertine n. man who lives an irresponsible and immoral life
libidinous adj. having or showing strong sexual feelings; lustful ;
libido n. (psychology ) emotional energy or urge, esp sexual
libretto n. words that are sung and spoken in an opera or musical play
license v. give a licence to
licentious adj. disregardingthe rules of behaviour, esp in sexual matters
lien n. ~ (on/upon sth) right to keep sb's property until a debt owed in connection with it (for repair, transport, etc) is paid ,
ligneous adj. woody
lilliputian adj. on a small scale; tiny
limber adj. supple; flexible ;
limbo n. in limbo in an intermediate or uncertain state; neglected
limn portray; describe vividly
limp adj. not stiff or firm
limpid adj. clear; transparent
lineage n. line of descent from an ancestor; ancestry
lineaments n. features of the face, etc
linger v. stay for a long time; be unwilling to leave
linguistic adj. of language or linguistics
lionize assign great social importance to
liquidate v. pay or settle
list n. series of names, items, figures, etc written or printed
listless adj. having no energy, vitality or enthusiasm
litany n. series of prayers to God for use in church services, spoken by a priest with set responses by the congregation
lithe adj. bending or turning easily; supple
litigation n. process of going to law
litotes n. ironical understatement,esp using a negative to emphasize the contrary , It wasn't easy It was very difficult
litter n. light rubbish (eg bits of paper, wrappings, bottles) left lying about, esp in a public place
livid adj. of the colour of lead; bluish-grey
loath adj. ~ to do sth unwilling; reluctant
loathe v. feel great hatred or disgust for (sb/sth)
lode n. vein of metal ore
loft n. room or space directly under the roof of a house, used for storing things
lofty adj. (of thoughts, aims, etc) noble; exalted
log n. length of tree-trunk that has fallen or been cut down
loiter v. ~ stand about idly
loll v. ~ rest, sit or stand lazily, often while leaning against sth
longevity n. long life
lookout the act of keeping watch against danger, etc.
loom n. machine for weaving cloth
lope v. run fairly fast with long bounding strides
lopsided adj. with one side lower, smaller, etc than the other; unevenly balanced
loquacious adj. fondof talking; talkative ;
lot n. the `lot, all the `lot, the whole `lot the whole number or amount (of sb/sth)
lottery n. way of raising money by selling numbered tickets and giving prizes to the holders of numbers selected at random
lounge v. sit or stand in a lazy way, esp leaning against sth; loll
lout n. clumsy vulgar man or youth with bad manners
low adj. not high or tall; not extending far upwards
lubricate v. put oil or grease on or in so that it moves easily
lucid adj. clearly expressed; easy to understand
lucrative adj. producing much money; profitable
lucre n. profit or money-making, as a motive for doing sth
ludicrous adj. causing laughter; ridiculous; absurd
lugubrious adj. dismal; mournful
lull v. ~ sb/sth (to sth) make (a person or an animal) quiet or less active; soothe sb/sth
lumber n. unwanted pieces of furniture, etc that are stored away or take up space
lumen a unit of luminous flux equal to the light emitted in a unit solid angle by a uniform point source of one candle intensity
luminary n. person who inspires or influences others
luminous adj. giving out light; bright
lunar adj. of the moon
lunatic n. insane person
lurid adj. having bright glaring colours or combinations of colour
lurk v. be or stay hidden, esp when waiting to attack
luscious adj. rich and sweet in taste or smell
lush adj. growing thickly and strongly; luxuriant
lust n. ~ (for sb) strong sexual desire
luster shine; gloss
lustrous adj. having lustre
luxuriant adj. growing thickly and strongly; lush
luxuriate v. ~ in sth take great pleasure in sth; enjoy sth as a luxury