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jab v. ~ (at sb/sth) (with sth); ~ sb/sth (with sth) poke or push at sb/sth roughly, usu with sth sharp or pointed
jabber v. ~ talk rapidly in what seems to be a confused manner
jaded adj. tired and lacking zest, usu after too much of sth
jargon n. technical or specialized words used by a particular group of people and difficult for others to understand
jaundice n. disease caused by an excess of bile in the blood which makes the skin and the whites of the eyes become abnormally yellow
jaundiced adj. affected by jealousy, spite, etc; bitter
jaunt n. short journey, made for pleasure
jaunty adj. feeling or showing cheerfulness and self-confidence; sprightly
jeopardize put in danger
jeopardy n. in jeopardy in danger of harm, loss or destruction
jest n. thing said or done to cause amusement; joke ;
jetsam n. goods thrown overboard from a ship in distress to lighten it; such goods washed up ashore ;
jettison v. throw or eject from a ship in distress, or from an aeroplane, a spacecraft, etc
jibe to be in accord: AGREE
jingoism n. extreme and unreasonable belief that one's own country is best, together with a warlike attitude towards other countries
jingoist n. person who has such a belief
jocose adj. humorous; playful ;
jocular adj. meant as a joke; humorous
jocund adj. merry; cheerful ;
jollity n. state of being jolly
jostle v. ~ push roughly against (sb), usu in a crowd
jovial adj. very cheerful and good-humoured; merry
jubilation n. great happiness, esp because of a success
judiciary n. judges of a country collectively
judicious adj. showing or havinggood sense
jug n. (US pitcher) deep vessel, with a handle and a lip, for holding and pouring liquids
juggernaut n. very large articulated lorry
jumble to mix into a confused or disordered mass
juncture n. at this juncture (fml ) at a particular, esp important, stage in a series of events
junket n. sweet custard-like pudding made of milk curdled with rennet, and often sweetened and flavoured ,
junta n. group, esp of military officers, who rule a country after taking power by force in a revolution
juridical adj. of law or legal proceedings
jurisdiction n. authority to carry out justice and to interpret and apply laws; right to exercise legal authority
jurisprudence n. science or philosophy of law
juxtapose v. place (people or things) side by side or very close together, esp to show a contrast
Barron GRE word list - k
kaleidoscope n. toy consisting of a tube containing small loose pieces of coloured glass, etc and mirrors which reflect these to form changing patterns when the tube is turned
ken n. beyond/outside one's ken not within one's range of knowledge
kernel n. soft and usu edible part inside a nut or fruit stone .
killjoy n. person who spoils the enjoymentof others
kindle v. catch fire
kindred n. family relationship
kinetic adj. of or produced by movement
kismet n. destiny; fate ;
kleptomaniac n. person suffering from kleptomania ; . adj
knack n. skill at performing some special task; ability
knave n. = jack1 4
knavery n. dishonesty; trickery ;
knead v. press and stretch with the hands to form a firm smooth paste
kneel v. =>Usage at dream dream. ~ (down) go down on one or both knees; rest on the knee(s)
knell n. sound of a bell rung slowly after a death or at a funeral
knit v. ~ sth (for sb) make (a garment or fabric) by forming wool, silk, etc yarn into connecting loops, either by hand (using long needles) or on a machine
knoll n. small round hill or mound
knotty adj. (of timber) full of knots
kudos n. honour and glory; credit1(