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habitat n. natural environment of an animal or a plant; home
habituate v. ~ sb/oneself to sth accustom sb/oneself to sth
hackles n. long feathers on the neck of the domestic cock, etc or hairs on the neck of a dog
hackneyed adj. used so often that it has become trite and dull
haggard adj. looking tired and unhappy, esp from worry, lack of sleep, etc
haggle v. ~ (over/about sth) argue (esp about the price, etc when agreeing upon the terms of a sale or other transaction)
hail n. frozen rain falling in a shower
halcyon adj. peaceful and happy
hale adj. hale and `hearty (esp of an old person) strong and healthy
hallowed set apart as sacred
hallucination n. illusion of seeing or hearing sth when no such thing is actually present
halting adj. slow and hesitant, as if lacking in confidence
hamper n. large basket with a hinged lid, esp one containing food, wine, etc
handsome adj. (of men) good-looking
hap chance; luck
haphazard adj. without plan or order; random
hapless adj. unlucky; unfortunate
harangue n. long, loud, serious and usu angry speech
harass v. trouble and annoy continually
harbinger n. ~ (rhet ) person or thing that announces or shows that sb/sth is coming
harbor to give shelter or refuge to
hardy adj. able to endure cold or difficult conditions; tough, robust
harping [ harp: ] a large triangular plucked stringed instrument consisting of a soundboard connected to an upright pillar by means of a curved crossbar from which the strings extend downwards.
harrow n. heavy frame with metal spikes or discs dragged over ploughed land to break up lumps of earth, cover seeds, etc
harrowing [ harrow: ] any of various implements used to level the ground, stir the soil, break up clods, destroy weeds, etc., in soil
harry v. annoy (sb) with repeated requests, questions, etc; harass
hatch n. opening in a door, floor or ceiling
haughtiness n. Pride; arrogance.
haunt v. visit (a place) regularly
haven n. place of safety or rest; refuge
havoc n. widespread damage; great destruction
hazard n. ~ (thing that can cause) danger; risk
hazardous adj. dangerous; risky
hazy adj. misty
headfirst with the head foremost; headlong
headlong adv, adj with the head first
headstrong adj. obstinately determined to do things in one's own way without listening to others; self-willed ;
healthful adj. good for the health
healthy adj. having good health; well and able to resist disease
heckler n.
hedonism n. belief that pleasure should be the main aim in life
hedonist n. believer in hedonism
heed v. pay attention to (advice, etc); take notice of (sth)
heedless not noticing; disregarding
hegemony n. leadership, esp by one state in a group of states
heinous adj. very wicked
helm n. handle or wheel for moving the rudder of a ship or boat
hem n. edge of a piece of cloth which has been turned under and sewn or fixed down
herald n. person who made important announcements and carried messages from a ruler
herbivorous adj. feeding on plants
herd n. number of animals, esp cattle, feeding or staying together
hereafter adv. (in legal documents, etc) from now on; following this ,
heresy n. belief or opinion that is contrary to what is generally accepted, esp in religion
heretic n. person who is guilty of heresy or who supports a heresy
hermetic adj. tightly closed so that air cannot escape or enter; completely airtight ;
hermitage n. place where a hermit or a group of hermits lives
herpetologist one that a branch of zoology dealing with reptiles and amphibians
heterodox adj. not conforming with accepted standards or beliefs
heterogeneous adj. made up of different kinds; varied in composition
hew v. chop or cut (sth/sb) with an axe, sword, etc
heyday n. time of greatest success, prosperity, power, etc
hiatus n. gap in a series or sequence, making it incomplete; break in continuity ;
hibernal wintry
hibernate v. spend the winter in a state like deep sleep
hide v. prevent (sth/sb/oneself) from being seen; put or keep out of sight
hideous adj. filling the mind with horror; very ugly; frightful
hierarchy n. system with grades of authority or status from the lowest to the highest
hieroglyphic adj. of or written in hieroglyphs
high-flown adj. extravagantly grand and pretentious
hilarity n. loud laughter; great amusement
hindmost adj. furthest behind
hindrance n. ~ thing or person that hinders
hindsight n. wisdom about an event after it has occurred
hinterlands [ hinterland: ] land lying behind something, esp. a coast or the shore of a river
hireling n. person whose services may be hired
hirsute adj. (esp of a man) covered with hair; hairy; shaggy
historic adj. famous or important in history
historical adj. concerning past events
histrionic adj. very theatrical in manner; excessively dramatic; affected
hive n. (also `beehive) box or other container for bees to live in
hoard n. carefully collected and guarded store of money, food or other treasured objects
hoary adj. (also hoar) (esp of hair) grey or white with age
hoax n. mischievous trick played on sb for a joke
holocaust n. large-scale destruction, esp by fire; great loss of human life
holster n. leather case for a pistol, usu fixed to a belt or saddle .
homage n. things said or done to show great respect; tribute to a person or his qualities (used esp with the vs shown)
homely adj. (approv esp Brit) simple and plain
homeostasis tendency of a system to maintain relative stability
homespun adj. made of yarn spun at home
homily n. long and boring talk from sb on the correct way to behave, etc
homogeneous adj. formed of parts that are all of the same type
hone n. stone used for sharpening the cutting edges of tools, etc
hoodwink v. ~ sb deceive sb; trick sb
horde n. very large group (esp of people); huge crowd; throng
horoscope n. forecast of a person's future based on a diagram showing the relative positions of the planets, etc at a particular time, eg the time of his birth
hortatory encouraging; exhortative
horticultural adj. a horticultural show, society, expert
hostage n. person held as a captive by one or more others who threaten to keep, harm or kill him unless certain demands are met
hostility n. ~ being hostile (to sb/sth); antagonism; enmity
hothead n. person who often acts too hastily or rashly; impetuous person ;
hovel n. small house that is unfit to live in; very poor and squalid dwelling ;
hover v. remain in the air in one place
hubbub n. loud confused noise, eg of many voices; din ;
hubris n. arrogant pride
hue n. colour; variety or shade of colour
hull n. body of a ship
humane adj. having or showing sympathy, kindness and understanding
humanitarian adj. concerned with improving the lives of mankind and reducing suffering, esp by social reform
humble adj. (of a person or his words or actions) having or showing a low or modest opinion of one's own importance; not proud
humdrum adj. lacking excitement or variety; dull; monotonous
humid adj. containing moisture; damp
humility n. humble attitude of mind; modesty
hummock n. low hill or hump in the ground; hillock ;
humor to soothe or content by indulgence
humus n. rich dark organic material formed by the decay of dead leaves, etc and essential to the fertility of soil
hurl v. throw violently; fling
hurtle v. move violently, noisily or with great speed in the specified direction
husband n. man to whom a woman is married
husbandry n. farming
hut n. small roughly-built house or shelter, usu made of wood or metal ,
hybrid n. animal or plant that has parents of different species or varieties
hydrophobia n. abnormal fear of water and of drinking, esp as a symptom of rabies in humans
hygiene n. study and practice of cleanliness as a way of maintaining good health and preventing disease
hyperbole n. exaggeratedstatement that is made for special effect and is not meant to be taken literally, eg I've invited millions of people to my party ,
hypercritical adj. too critical, esp of small faults
hypnosis n. state like deep sleep in which a person's actions may be controlled by another person
hypochondriac n. person who suffers from hypochondria
hypocritical adj. of hypocrisy or a hypocrite
hypothetical adj. of or based on a hypothesis; not necessarily true or real ;
hysteria n. wild uncontrollable emotion or excitement, with eg laughter, crying or screaming