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gadfly n. fly that stings horses and cattle
gaffe n. social blunder; indiscreet act or remark
gainsay v. (arch ) (usu in negative sentences or questions ) contradict (sb/sth); deny (sth)
gait n. manner of walking or running
galaxy n. any of the large systems of stars in outer space
gale n. very strong wind storm (at sea) 8
gall n. bitter liquid secreted by the liver; bile
galleon n. large Spanish sailing-ship used from the 15th to the 17th century 1517
galley n. long flat ship, usu rowed by slaves or criminals; ancient Greek or Roman warship ;
gallows n. wooden framework on which criminals are put to death by hanging
galvanic adj. producing an electric current by chemical action
galvanize to stimulate or excite as if by an electric shock
gambit n. opening movein chess in which a player sacrifices a piece in order to win an advantage later
gambol v. (US also -l-) jump or skip about playfully
gamely adv: fight, struggle, etc gamely, ie bravely but perhaps unsuccessfully ,
gamut n. the gamut complete range or scale
gangrene n. decay and death of body tissue when the blood supply has been stopped
gape v. ~ (often derog ) stare with an open mouth, usu in surprise
garbled adj. confusedor misleading
gargantuan adj. enormous; gigantic
gargoyle n. stone or metal spout in the form of a grotesque human or animal figure, for carrying rain-water away from the roof of a church, etc
garish adj. unpleasantly bright; over-coloured or over-decorated, esp in a vulgar way
garner v. ~ sth ~ sth (in/up) (fml ) collect sth in and (usu) store it
garnish v. ~ sth decorate (food for the table) with small additional amounts of food
garrulity garrulousness ns talkativeness
garrulous adj. talking too much, esp about unimportant things
gastronomy n. art and science of choosing, cooking and eating good food
gauche adj. socially awkward or clumsy
gaudy adj. (derog ) too bright and showy, esp in a vulgar way
gaunt adj. made exceptionally thin by hunger or illness; haggard
gavel n. small hammer used by an auctioneer or chairman as a signal for order or attention
gawk v. ~ (infml ) stare impolitely or stupidly; gawp
gazette n. official journal with public notices and lists of government, military, legal and university appointments
genealogy n. study of family history, showing who the ancestors of particular people were and how they were related to each other
generality n. general statement, esp one that is vague or indefinite
generate v. cause to exist or occur; produce
generic adj. shared by or including a whole group or class; not specific
genesis n. (fml) beginning; starting-point; origin
geniality n. quality of being genial
genre n. particular style or kind, esp of works of art or literature grouped according to their form or subject matter
genteel adj. polite or refined in an affected or exaggerated way
gentility n. genteel manners and behaviour; social superiority
gentle adj. mild; kind; careful; not rough, violent or severe
gentry n. people of good social position next below the nobility
genuflect v. bend the knee, esp in worship ,
genus n. (biology ) group of animals or plants within a family(4), often itself subdivided into several species(1)
geriatrics n. branch of medicine dealing with the diseases and care of old people
germ n. portion of a living organism capable of becoming a new organism; embryo of a seed ;
germane adj. ~ (fml ) relevant
germinal adj. in the earliest stage of development
germinate v. start growing
gerontocracy government ruled by old people
gerontology n. scientific study of old age and the process of growing old
gerrymander v. arrange the boundaries of or divide (an area) for voting in order to give unfair advantages to one party in an election
gestate evolve; as in pre-natal growth
gesticulation n. gesticulating
ghastly adj. causing horror or fear
gibberish n. meaningless sounds; unintelligible talk; nonsense
gibe v. ~ (at sb/sth) jeer at or mock sb/sth; make fun of sb/sth
giddy adj. having the feeling that everything is turning round and that one is going to fall
gild v. cover with gold-leaf(3) or gold-coloured paint
gingerly adv. with great care and caution to avoid causing harm or making a noise
girth n. distance round sth of approximately cylindrical shape
gist n. the gist main point or general meaning
glacial adj. of the Ice Age
glamor [ glamour: ] charm and allure; fascination
glare n. strong unpleasant dazzling light
glaring adj. dazzling
glaze v. fit sheets or panes of glass into
gleam n. brief appearance of light
glean v. gather
glib adj. (derog ) speaking or spoken fluently and without hesitation, but not sincerely or trustworthily
glimmer v. send out a weak unsteady light
glitter v. ~ shine brightly with little sharp flashes of light; sparkle
gloat v. ~ express or feel selfish delight at one's own success or good fortune or sb else's failure
gloss n. brightness or shine on a smooth surface
glossary n. list of technical or special words explaining their meanings
glossy adj. smooth and shiny
glow v. send out light and heat withoutflame
glower v. ~ look in an angry or a threatening way
glut v. ~ sth (with sth) supply sth with much more than is needed
glutinous adj. of or like gluten; sticky
glutton n. person who eats too much
gnarl any knotty protuberance or swelling on a tree
gnarled adj. twisted and rough; covered with knobs
gnome dwarf; underground spirit
goad n. pointed stick for making cattle, etc move on
gobble v. ~ sth eat sth fast, noisily and greedily (leaving nothing behind)
gorge n. narrow steep-sided valley, usu with a stream or river
gory adj. (esp rhet ) covered with gore1
gossamer n. fine silky substance of webs made by small spiders, floating in calm air or spread over grass, etc
gouge n. tool with a sharp semicircular edge for cutting grooves in wood
gourmand n. lover of food; glutton ;
gourmet n. person who enjoys and is expert in the choice of fine food, wines, etc
gracious adj. ~ (of persons and behaviour) kind, polite and generous (esp to sb who is socially inferior)
gradation n. gradual change from one thing to another
graduate n. ~ person who holds a degree (esp the first or bachelor's) from a university or polytechnic
graduated [ graduate: ] n. a person who has been awarded a first degree from a university or college
granary n. building where grain is stored
grandeur n. greatness; magnificence; impressiveness
grandiloquent adj. using or being a pompous style of speech, full of words which ordinary people do not understand
grandiose adj. planned on a large scale; (intended to seem) imposing
granulate v. form into grains or have a granular surface or texture
graphic adj. of visual symbols
graphite n. soft black substance used in making lead pencils, in lubrication, and for slowing down neutrons in atomic reactors
grapple v. ~ seize (an opponent) firmly and try to fight
grate n. fireplace
gratify v. (fml ) give pleasure or satisfaction to (sb)
gratis adv. without payment; free
gratuitous adj. done, given or acting unnecessarily, purposely and without good reason
gratuity n. money given to sb who has done one a service; tip ;
gravity n. force that attracts objects in space towards each other, and on the earth pulls them towards the centre of the planet, so that things fall to the ground when dropped
graze v. ~ (of cattle, sheep, etc) eat growing grass
gregarious adj. liking to be with other people
grievance n. ~ real or imagined cause for complaint or protest (used esp with the vs shown)
grill n. device on a cooker that directs heat downwards for cooking meat, toasting bread, etc
grim adj. very serious and unsmiling in appearance
grimace n. ugly twisted expression (on the face), expressing pain, disgust, etc or intended to cause laughter
grisly adj. causing horror or terror; ghastly
groom n. person in charge of horses
groove n. long narrow cut or depression in the surface of hard material
gross n. (esp commerce ) twelve dozen
grotesque adj. strangely distorted so as to arouse fear or laughter; fantastic
grotto n. cave, esp one made artificially as a garden shelter
grouch v. ~ (derog ) complain
grouse n. small dark bird of northern hilly areas, shot for sport and food
grovel v. (derog ) ~ (to/before sb) lie or crawl with the face downwards in a show of humility or fear
growl v. ~ (of animals or thunder) make a low threatening sound
grudge v. ~ sth feel resentful about sth; do or give sth very unwillingly
grudging adj. unwilling; reluctant
gruel n. simple dish made of oatmeal, etc boiled in milk or water
grueling exhausting
gruesome adj. filling one with horror or disgust; frightful
gruff adj. rough; surly
grumble v. ~ (about/at/over sth) complain or protest in a bad-tempered way
grunt v. (of animals, esp pigs) make a low rough sound from deep in the throat ,
guffaw v. give a noisy laugh
guile n. deceit; cunning
guileless without deceit
guise n. style of dress
gull n. any of several types of large long-winged sea-bird with usu white and grey or black feathers .
gullible adj. willing to believe anything or anyone; easily deceived
gush v. ~ (from sth) flow or pour out suddenly in great quantities
gust n. sudden violent rush of wind
gustatory affecting the sense of taste
gusto n. enthusiastic vigour in doing sth
gusty adj. with wind blowing in gusts
guy n. rope or chain used to keep sth steady or secured, eg to hold a tent in place
gyroscope n. device containing a wheel which, when its spins fast, always maintains the same orientation regardless of any movement of the supporting structure, often used in ships' stabilizers