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fabricate v. invent
facade n. front (of a building)
facet n. any of the many sides of a cut stone or jewel
facetious adj. intended to be amusing, often inappropriately
facile adj. easily obtained or achieved (and so not highly valued)
facilitate v. (of an object, a process, etc but not of a person) make (sth) easy or less difficult
facsimile n. exact copy or reproduction of writing, printing, a picture, etc
faction n. small united group within a larger one, esp in politics
factious adj. of or causedby faction
factitious adj. deliberately created or developed; unnatural; artificial
factotum n. person employed to do all kinds of work
faculty n. any of the powers of the body or mind
fake n. object (eg a work of art) that seems genuine but is not
fallacious adj. misleading; based on error
fallible adj. liable to make mistakes
fallow adj. ploughed but left unplanted to restore its fertility
falsify make false by mutilation or addition; as of a message or story
falter v. move, walk or act hesitantly, usu because of weakness, fear or indecision
fanaticism n. great or obsessive enthusiasm
fancied imaginary; unreal
fancier n. person with a special interest in and love for sth
fanciful adj. using the imagination rather than reason
fancy n. power of the mind to imagine
fanfare n. short ceremonial piece of music, usu played on trumpets
fantastic adj. wild and strange
farce n. funny play for the theatre based on unlikely situations and events
far-fetched adj. (of a comparison) strained; unnatural
fashion n. manner or way of doing sth
fastidious adj. selecting carefully; choosing only what is good ;
fatalism n. belief that events are decided by fate(1); acceptance of all that happens as inevitable ;
fathom n. measure of the depth of water , 61.8
fathomless adj. too deep to measure
fatuous adj. stupid and silly; foolish
fauna n. all the animals of an area or a period of time
favoritism [ favouritism: ] the practice of giving special treatment to a person or group
fawning [ fawn: ] a young deer of either sex aged under one year
faze v. fluster (sb)
feasible adj. that can be done; practicable; possible
feature n. one of the named parts of the face (eg nose, mouth, eyes) which together form its appearance
febrile adj. caused by a fever
feckless adj. inefficient; irresponsible ;
fecundity n.
feign v. pretend
feint n. pretended attack to distract an opponent's attention from the main attack
felicitous adj. (esp of words) well-chosen; apt
felicity n. great happiness
feline adj. n animal of the cat family
fell pt of fall1
felon n. person guilty of felony
feral adj. (of animals) wild or savage, esp after escaping from captivity or from life as a pet
ferment v. change chemically through the action of organic substances (esp yeast)
fermentation n. fermenting
ferocious adj. fierce, violent or savage
ferret n. small animal of the weasel family, kept for driving rabbits from their burrows, killing rats, etc
fertile adj. able to produce much; rich in nutrients
fervent adj. showing warmth and sincerity of feeling; enthusiastic; passionate
fervid adj. = fervent
fervor intensity of feeling or expression
fester v. become infected and filled with pus
festive adj. of or suitable for a feast or festival; joyous
fete n. outdoor entertainment or sale, usu to raise money for a special purpose
fetid adj. smelling foul or unpleasant; stinking
fetish n. object that is worshipped, esp because a spirit is believed to live in it
fetter n. chain put round the feet of a person or animal to limit movement
feud n. long and bitter quarrel between two people, families or groups
fiasco n. complete and ridiculous failure
fiat n. formal authorization, order or decree
fickle adj. often changing; not constant
fictitious adj. imagined or invented; not real
fidelity n. ~ loyalty; faithfulness
fiend n. evil spirit; devil
figment n. thing that is not real but only imagined
figurative adj. (of words) used in an imaginative or a metaphorical way rather than literally
figure n. written symbol for a number, esp 0 to 9 09
figurine n. small ornamental statue, esp of a person
filch v. steal (esp sth of small value)
filial adj. of or expected from a son or daughter
filibuster n. person who tries to delay or prevent the making of decisions in (esp parliamentary) meetings by making long speeches
filigree n. fine ornamental work using gold, silver or copper wire
filing [ card: ] an index in which each item is separately listed on systematically arranged cards
filth n. disgusting dirt
finale n. last part of a piece of music or a drama, etc
finery n. gay and elegant clothes or decoration
finesse n. skill in dealing with people or situations cleverly or tactfully
finicky adj. too fussy about food, clothes, etc
finish v. come or bring (sth) to an end
finished adj. ~ (infml ) in a state of having completed sth or no longer dealing with sb/sth
finite adj. having bounds; limited; not infinite
firebrand n. piece of burning wood
fissure n. long deep crack in rock or in the earth
fit adj. ~ for sb/sth; ~ to do sth suitable or suited for sb/sth; well adapted for sb/sth; good enough for sb/sth
fitful adj. occurring in short periods, not regularly and steadily
flaccid adj. soft and weak; loose and limp; not firm ;
flag n. piece of cloth with a particular design, that can be attached by one edge to a rope, pole, etc and used as a symbol of a country, party, etc or as a signal
flagrant adj. particularly bad, shocking and obvious
flail n. tool consisting of a stick swinging from a long handle, used esp formerly to separate grain from chaff ,
flair n. ~ for sth natural ability to do sth well
flamboyant adj. showy, very confident and extravagant
flashy adj. attractive but usu not in good taste; showy
flaunt v. show (sth considered valuable) in order to gain the admiration of other people
flay v. remove the skin from (a dead animal)
fleck n. ~ very small patch or spot of a colour
fledgling inexperienced
fleece n. woolly hair of a sheep or similar animal
fleet n. group of warships, submarines, etc under one commander
flick n. quick light blow, eg with a whip or the tip of a finger
flicker v. (of a light or flame) burn or shine unsteadily
flighty adj. (esp of a woman or her behaviour) changeable and unreliable; not serious
flinch v. move or draw back suddenly, from shock, fear or pain
flip v. toss (sth) with a sharp movement of the thumb and forefinger so that it turns over in the air
flippancy n. being flippant
flippant adj. not showing sufficient respect or seriousness
flirt v. ~ behave (towards sb) in a romantic or suggestive way but without serious intentions
flit v. fly or move lightly and quickly from one place to another
floe n. sheet of floating ice, usu on the sea
flora n. all the plants of a particular area or period of time
florescence the process, state, or period of flowering
florid adj. elaborate and ornate; excessively decorated or colourful
flotsam n. parts of a wrecked ship or its cargo found floating in the sea
flounder v. move or struggle helplessly or clumsily; move with difficulty, as through mud or deep snow
flourish v. be successful, very active, or widespread; prosper
flout v. disobey openly and scornfully
flowery adj. covered with or having a lot of flowers
fluctuate v. ~ (of a price, number, rate, etc) rise and fall; change irregularly
fluctuation n. ~ (of/in sth)
fluency n. quality or condition of being fluent
fluke n. (infml ) thing that is accidentally successful; lucky stroke in a game
flush n. flow of blood to the face that causes a red colouring; blush
fluster v. make nervous and confused
fluted (esp. of the shaft of a column) having flutes
flutter v. (of the wings of birds, butterflies, etc) move lightly and quickly
flux n. continuous change or succession of changes; unsettled state
fodder n. dried food, hay, etc forhorses and farm animals ,
foible n. small, usu harmless, peculiarity or weakness in a person's character
foil n. metal rolled or hammered into a very thin flexible sheet
foist v. foist sth on sb force sb into accepting sth not wanted
foliage n. leaves of a tree or plant; leaves with their stems and branches
foment v. arouse or increase
foolhardy adj. foolishly bold or rash; reckless
foppish adj. of or like a fop
foray n. sudden attack, esp to obtain sth; raid
forbearance n. patient self-control; tolerance
ford n. shallow place in a river where one can walk or drive across
forebears n. person from whom one is descended;ancestor
foreboding n. ~ strong feeling that danger or trouble is coming
forensic adj. of, related to or used in law
forerunner n. person or thing that prepares the way for the coming of sb or sth else more important; sign of what is to follow
foreshadow v. be a sign or warning of
foresight n. ability to see what one's future needs are likely to be; careful planning
forestall v. act before so as to prevent him from doing sth
forfeit v. lose or give up (sth) as a consequence of or punishment for having done sth wrong, or in order to achieve sth
forge n. workshop with a fire and an anvil where metals are heated and shaped, esp one used by a smith for making horseshoes
forgo v. give up or do without (esp sth pleasant)
forlorn adj. lonely and unhappy; uncared for
formality n. careful observance of rules, conventions, etc of language or behaviour
formidable adj. causing fear or great anxiety; frightening; awesome
forsake v. (fml ) give (sth) up; renounce
forswear v. (promise to) give up (sth); renounce
forte n. thing that sb does particularly well; strong point
forthcoming adj. about to happen or appear in the near future
forthright adj. clear and honest in manner and speech; straightforward
fortitude n. courage, endurance and self-control in facing pain, danger or difficulty
fortuitous adj. happening by chance or coincidence
forum n. place where important public issues can be discussed
forward adj. directed or moving towards the front
foster v. help the growth or development of (sth); encourage or promote
foul adj. having a bad smell or taste; dirty and disgusting
founder n. person who founds or establishes sth
fracas n. (usu sing)noisy quarrel, fight, or disturbanc
fractious adj. irritable; bad-tempered
frail adj. physically weak or delicate
frailty n. physical weakness
franchise n. right to vote at public elections
frantic adj. in an extreme state of emotion, esp fear or anxiety
fraudulent adj. deceitful or dishonest
fraught adj. ~ with sth filled with sth; charged with sth
fray n. the fray fight, contest or argument; lively or challenging action
freebooter buccaneer
frenetic adj. very excited; frenzied; frantic
frenzied adj. wildly excited or agitated; frantic
fresco n. picture painted in water-colour on a wall or ceiling before the plaster is dry
fret v. ~ (about/at/over sth) (cause sb to) become unhappy, bad-tempered, or anxious about sth; worry
friction n. rubbing of one surface or thing against another
frieze n. band of sculpture or decoration round the top of a wall or building
frigid adj. very cold
fringe n. (US bang) front hair cut so that it hangs over the forehead
frisk v. pass one's hands over (sb) in a search for hidden weapons, drugs, etc
fritter v. fritter sth away (on sth) waste (esp one's time or money) foolishly (on small useless things)
frivolous adj. not sensible or serious; foolish and light-hearted
frock n. dress worn by women or girls
frolic v. ~ (about) play about in a lively happy way
frolicsome adj. merry; playful
frond n. leaf-like part of a fern or palm
fructify v. (fml ) (cause sth to) bear fruit or be fruitful
frugality thrift
fruitful adj. having many good results; productive or profitable; successful
fruition n. fulfilment of hopes, plans, etc; getting what one wants or has worked for
frustrate v. prevent (sb) from doing or achieving sth
fuddle v. confuse (sb/sth), esp with alcoholic drink
fugitive n. ~ person who is running away or escaping
fulcrum n. point on which a lever is supported
fulminate v. ~ protest strongly and loudly
fulsome adj. excessive and insincere
fumble v. touch or handle awkwardly or nervously
functional adj. of or having a functionor functions
functionary n. person with official duties
fundamental adj. of or forming the basis or foundation of sth; essential
funereal adj. suitable for a funeral; gloomy; dismal
furor A general commotion; public disorder or uproar.
furrow n. long narrow trench cut in the earth, esp by a plough
furtive adj. done secretly and quietly so as not to be noticed
fusillade n. continuous or simultaneous shooting of guns
fusion n. the blending or uniting of different things into one, by melting, etc
fuss n. (esp unnecessary) nervous excitement or activity
fussy adj. (usu derog ) nervously active or excited about small things
futile adj. producing no result; useless; pointless