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cabal n. secret political plot
cache n. place for hiding food, treasure or weapons
cacophonous (adj.) sounding jarring
cacophony n. loud unpleasant mixture of discordant sounds
cadaver n. dead body of a person; corpse ;
cadaverous adj. looking like a corpse; very pale and gaunt ;
cadence n. rhythm in sound
cadet n. young person training to become a policeman or an officer in the armed forces
cajole v. ~ sb(into/out of sth); ~ sb (into/out of doing sth) persuade sb (to do sth) by flattery or deceit; coax sb
calamity n. serious misfortune or disaster
calculated undertaken after considering the likelihood of success or failure
caldron = cauldron
caliber ability; capacity
calligraphy n. beautiful handwriting
callous adj. cruelly insensitive or unsympathetic
callow adj. immature and inexperienced
callus n. area of thick hardened skin
calorific adj. of or producing heat
calumny n. false statement about sb, made to damage his character
camaraderie n. friendship and mutual trust; comradeship ;
cameo n. small piece of hard stone with a raised design, esp one with two coloured layers so that the background is of a different colour from the design
camp n. place where people (eg holiday-makers, Scouts or explorers) live temporarily in tents or huts
canard n. false report or rumour
candor unreserved, honest, or sincere expression:FORTHRIGHTNESS
canine adj. of, like or relating to dogs
canker n. disease that destroys the wood of plants and trees
canny adj. shrewd and careful, esp in business matters
cant n. insincere talk, esp about religion or morality; hypocrisy ;
cantankerous adj. bad-tempered; quarrelsome ;
cantata n. short musical work, often on a religious subject, sung by soloists and usu a choir, accompanied by an orchestra
canter n. (of a horse) movement that is faster than a trot but slower than a gallop
canto n. any of the main divisions of a long poem
canvass v. ~ (for sth) go around an area asking (people) for (political support)
capacious adj. that can hold much; roomy
capacity n. ability to hold or contain sth
capillary n. any of the very narrow blood vessels connecting arteries and veins in the body
capitulate v. ~ surrender (to sb), esp on agreed conditions
caprice n. sudden change in attitude or behaviour with no obvious cause; whim ;
capricious adj. characterized by sudden changes in attitude or behaviour; unpredictable; impulsive
capsize v. overturn or be overturned
caption n. short title or heading of an article in a magazine, etc ,
captious adj. fond of criticizingor raising objections about unimportant matters; quibbling ;
carafe n. glass container in which wine or water are served at meals .
carapace n. shell on the back of a tortoise or crustacean
carat n. unit of weight (
carcinogenic [ carcinogen: ] "carcino'genic adjective
cardinal adj. most important; chief; fundamental
cardiologist n.
careen v. turn on its side (esp for cleaning or repairing)
career n. profession or occupation with opportunities for advancement or promotion
carefree adj. without responsibilities or worries; cheerful
caricature n. picture,description or imitation of sb/sth that exaggerates certain characteristics in order to amuse or ridicule
carillon n. set of bells sounded either from a keyboard or mechanically
carnage n. killing of many people
carnal adj. of the body; sexual or sensual
carnivorous adj. flesh-eating
carousal (noisy party with) drinking and merry-making
carping adj. tending to make petty complaints; fault-finding
carrion n. dead and decaying flesh
cartographer n. person who draws maps and charts
cascade n. waterfall, esp one of a series forming a large waterfall
caste n. any of the hereditary Hindu social classes
castigation severe punishment
castrate v. remove the testicles of (a male animal or person); geld
casual adj. happening by chance
casualty n. person who is killed or injured in war or in an accident
cataclysm n. sudden violentchange or disaster, eg a flood, an earthquake, a revolution or a war
catalyst n. substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without itself changing
catapult n. Y-shaped stick with a piece of elastic attached to it, used esp by children for shooting stones .
cataract n. large steep waterfall
catastrophe n. sudden great disaster or misfortune
catcall n. shrill whistle expressing disapproval
catechism n. summary of the principles of a religion in the form of questions and answers
categorical adj. unconditional; absolute; explicit
cater v. ~ (for sth/sb) provide food and services, esp at social functions
catharsis n. (instance of the) release of strong feelings through the effect of art, esp drama
cathartic adj. causing catharsis; purgative ; n. purgative drug
catholic adj. = Roman Catholic (Roman)
caucus n. (meeting of the) parliamentary members of a particular political party or any other legislature
caulk v. make (esp a boat) watertight by filling the seams or joints with waterproof material
causal adj. of or forming a cause; relating to cause and effect ;
caustic adj. that can burn or destroy things by chemical action
cauterize burn with hot iron or caustic
cavalcade n. procession of people on horseback, in cars, etc
cavalier n. Cavalier supporter of Charles I in the English Civil War
cavil v. ~ (at sth) (fml ) make unnecessary complaints (about sth)
cede v. ~ sth give up one's rights to or possession of sth
celerity n. quickness
celestial adj. of the sky
celibate adj. remaining unmarried, esp for religious reasons
cemetery n. area of land, not a churchyard, used for burying the dead ,
censor n. person authorized toexamine books, films, plays, letters, etc and remove partswhich are considered indecent, offensive, politically unacceptable or a threat to security
censorious adj. tending to find faults in people or things; severely critical ;
censure v. ~ sb criticize sb severely; rebuke sb formally
centaur n. one of a tribe of creatures with a man's head, arms and upper body on a horse's body and legs
centigrade adj. of or using a temperature scale with the freezing-point of water at 0 and the boiling-point at 100
centrifugal adj. moving away from the centre or axis
centrifuge n. rotating machine using centrifugal force to separate substances, eg milk and cream
centripetal adj. moving towards the centre or axis
centurion n. officer commanding a unit of 100 soldiers
cerebral adj. of the brain
cerebration n. working of the brain; thinking ;
ceremonious adj. full of ceremony; very formal ;
certitude n. feeling of certainty; lack of doubt ;
cessation n. action or act of ceasing; pause
cession n. action of ceding sth, esp land or rights
chafe v. ~ become irritated or impatient (because of sth)
chaff n. outer covering of corn, etc, separated from the grain by threshing or winnowing
chaffing (n.) banter; teasing
chagrin n. feeling of disappointment or annoyance
chalice n. large cup for holding wine, esp one from which consecrated wine is drunk at the Eucharist
chameleon n. any of various types of small lizard that can change colour according to its surroundings
champion n. person, team, animal or plant that has defeated or excelled all others in a competition
championship n. contest to decide who is the champion
chancellor n. head of government in Austria etc
chant n. simple tune to which psalms or canticles are fitted by singing several syllables or words to the same note
chaotic adj. in a state of chaos; completely disorganized
chapel n. small building or room used for Christian worship, eg in a school, prison, large private house, etc
chaperon n. older person, usu a woman, who looks after a girl or a young unmarried woman on social occasions
chaplain n. clergyman attached to the chapel of a school, prison, etc, or serving in the armed forces
char v. (cause sth to) become black by burning; scorch
charisma n. power to inspire devotion and enthusiasm
charlatan n. person who falsely claims to have special knowledge or skill, esp in medicine
charm n. power of pleasing, fascinating or attracting people; attractiveness
chary adj. ~ (of sth) cautious; wary
chase v. ~ sb/sth run after in order to capture or overtake sb/sth
chasm n. deep opening in the ground; abyss; gorge ;
chassis n. framework on which the body and working parts of a vehicle, radio or television are built , ; .
chaste adj. not having had sexual intercourse; virgin ;
chasten v. punish in order to correct or improve; discipline ;
chastise v. punish (sb) severely, esp by beating
chauvinist n, adj displaying or feeling chauvinism
check v. ~ (up) make sure of sth by examining or investigating it
checkered adj. chequered
cherubic adj. with a plump and innocent face
chicanery n. use of clever but misleading talk in order to trick sb, esp in legal matters; dishonest practice
chide v. ~ sb (for sth) (dated or fml ) rebuke; scold
chimerical adj. unreal; fanciful
chip n. thin piece cut or broken off from wood, stone, china, glass, etc
chisel n. tool with a sharp cutting edge at the end, for shaping wood, stone or metal
chivalrous adj. showing the qualities of a perfect knight
choice n. ~ act of choosing between two or more possibilities
choir n. organized group of singers, esp one that performs in church services
choleric adj. easily angered; bad-tempered ;
chore n. small routine task
choreography n. steps for ballet and dancing on stage
chortle n. loud chuckle of pleasure or amusement
chorus n. group of singers; choir
chronic adj. lasting for a long time; continually recurring
chronicle n. record of historical events in the order in which they happened
chuckle v. laugh quietly or to oneself
churlish adj. It seems churlish to refuse such a generous offer
ciliated having minute hairs
cipher n. (method of) secret writing in which a set of letters or symbols is used to represent others; code
circlet n. circular band, eg of precious metal, flowers, etc, worn round the head as an ornament
circuit n. line, route or journey round a place
circuitous adj. long and indirect; roundabout
circumlocution n. use of many words to say sth that could be said in a few words
circumscribe v. restrict (sth) within limits; confine
circumspect adj. considering everything carefully before acting; cautious; wary ;
circumvent v. find a way of overcoming or avoiding (sth)
cistern an artificial reservoir (as an underground tank) for storing liquids and especially water (as rainwater)
citadel fortress
cite quote; commend
civil adj. of or relating to the citizens of a country
clairvoyant n, adj having such power
clamber v. climb, esp with difficulty or effort, using the hands and feet
clamor shout, complain with a lot of noise
clandestine adj. done secretly; kept secret; surreptitious
clangor make a loud resonant noise
clap v. ~ sth (together) strike (the palms of one's hands) together
clapper n. piece of metal, etc fixed loosely inside a bell and making it sound by striking the side
clarion adj. loud, clear and rousing
clasp n. device for fastening things together
claustrophobia n. abnormal fear of being in an enclosed space
clavicle n. collar-bone .
cleave v. break or split, esp along a natural line
cleft n. crack or split occurring naturally
clemency n. mildness (esp of weather)
cliche n. phrase or idea which is used so often that it has become stale or meaningless
clientele n. customers or clients as a group
climactic adj. forming a climax
clime n. (arch or joc ) country; climate(1b)
clip n. any of various wire or metal devices used for holding things together
clipper n. clippers instrument for clipping nails, hair, hedges, etc
clique n. small group of people, often with shared interests, who associate closely and exclude others from their group
cloister n. covered passage around an open court or quadrangle, with a wall on the outer side and columns or arches on the inner side, esp within a convent or college, or attached to a cathedral
clot n. half-solid lump formed from a liquid, eg from blood when it is exposed to the air
clout n. heavy blow with the hand or a hard object
clown n. comic entertainer who paints his face and dresses in a ridiculous way and performs funny or foolish tricks
cloying adj. sickeningly sweet
coagulate v. change from a liquid to a thick and semi-solid state; clot
coalesce v. combine and form one group, substance, mass, etc
coalition n. action of uniting into one body or group
coax v. (~ sb sth) persuade sb gently or gradually
coda n. final passage of a piece of music
coddle v. treat with great care and tenderness
codicil n. later addition to a will, esp one that changes part of it
codify v. arrange (laws, rules, etc) systematically into a code(3a)
coercion n. coercing or being coerced
coeval adj. ~ (fml ) existing at the same time or having the same age as sb/sth else; contemporary ;
cog each of a series of teeth on the edge of a wheel, that fit between those of a similar wheel, so that each wheel can cause the other one to move
cogent adj. convincing; strong
cogitate v. ~ sth (fml or joc ) think deeply about sth
cognate adj. ~ (linguistics ) (of a word or language) having the same source or origin as another one
cognitive adj. of or relating to cognition
cognizance n. knowledge; awareness
cohabit v. ~ (fml ) (usu of an unmarried couple) live together
cohere v. stick together in a mass or group
cohesion n. tendency to stick together; unity
cohorts [ cohort: ] one of the ten units of between 300 and 600 men in an ancient Roman Legion
coiffure n. way in which (esp a woman's) hair is arranged; hairstyle ;
coin n. piece of metal used as money
coincidence n. occurrence of similar events or circumstances at the same time by chance
coincident adj. happening at the same time by chance
colander n. metal or plastic bowl with many small holes in it, used to drain water from vegetables, etc, esp after cooking
collaborate v. ~ (on sth) work together (with sb), esp to create or produce sth
collage n. fixing pieces of paper, cloth, photographs, etc to a surface
collate v. ~ A and B/~ A with B examine and compare in order to find the differences between them
collateral adj. side by side; parallel ;
collation n. action of collating
collected adj. in control of oneself; calm
colloquial adj. belonging to or suitable for normal conversation but not formal speech or writing
colloquy n. conversation
collusion n. ~ ~ (between sb and sb) (fml ) secret agreement or co-operation between two or more people with the aim of deceiving or cheating others
colossal adj. very large; immense; huge
colossus n. statue much larger than life size
coma n. state of deep unconsciousness, usu lasting a long time and caused by severe injury or illness
comatose adj. in a coma; deeply unconscious ;
combustible adj. that can catch fire and burn easily
comeback a return to a former position, status, etc.
comely having a pleasing appearance:not homely or plain
comestible something fit to be eaten
comeuppance desert punishment
comity friendly social atmosphere:social harmony
commandeer v. take possession or control of forcibly or for official (esp military) purposes
commemorate v. keep (a great person, event, etc) in people's memories
commemorative adj. helping to commemorate
commensurate adj~(fml ) in the right proportion (to sth); appropriate
commiserate v. ~ (on/over sth) (fml ) feel, or say that one feels, sympathy
commodious adj. having a lot of space available for use; roomy
commonplace adj. ordinary; not interesting
commonwealth n. independent State or community
communal adj. for the use of all; shared
commune v. ~ ~ (together) talk to sb intimately; feel close to sb/sth
compact adj. closely packed together
compartment n. any of the sections into which a larger area or enclosed space, esp a railway carriage, is divided
compassion n. ~ pity for the sufferings of others, making one want to help them
compatible adj. ~ (of people, ideas, arguments, principles, etc) suited; that can exist together
compelling adj. extremely interesting and exciting, so that one has to pay attention
compendium n. ~ (of sth) brief but full account; summary
compilation n. compiling
compile v. ~ sth (for/from sth) collect (information) and arrange it in a book, list, report, etc
complacency n. ~ (usu derog ) calm feeling of satisfactionwith oneself, one's work, etc
complacent adj. ~ (usu derog ) calmly satisfied with oneself, one's work, etc
complaisant adj. ready to please; obliging
complement n. ~ thing that goes well or suitably with sth else, or makes it complete
complementary adj. ~ combining well to form a balanced whole
compliance n. ~ action in accordance with a request or command; obedience
compliant adj. ~ (usu derog ) (too) willing to comply (with other people, with rules, etc)
complicity n. ~ action of taking part with another person (in a crime or some other wrongdoing); shared responsibility
component n. any of the parts of which sth is made
comport v. ~ oneself with sth conduct oneself in the specified way; behave
compost n. mixture of decayed organic matter, manure, etc added to soil to improve the growth of plants
composure n. state of being calm in mind or behaviour
compound n. thing made up of two or more separate things combined together
comprehend v. understand fully
comprehensive adj. that includes everything
compress v. ~ sth press sth together; force sth into a small(er) space
comprise v. have as parts or members; be made up of
compromise n. giving up of certain demands by each side in a dispute, so that an agreement may be reached which satisfies both to some extent
compulsion n. ~ compelling or being compelled
compulsive adj. extremely interesting; fascinating
compulsory adj. that must be done; required by the rules, etc; obligatory
compunction n. ~ (fml ) (usu in negative sentences ) feeling of guilt or regret for one's action
compute v. ~ sth calculate sth with a computer
concatenate to link together in a series or chain
concave adj. curved inwards like the inner surface of a sphere or ball .
concede v. ~ sth admit that sth is true, valid, proper, etc
conceit n. excessive pride in oneself or in one's powers, abilities, etc
concentric adj. ~ (of circles) having the same centre
conception n. conceiving or being conceived
concerted adj. arranged or done in co-operation
concession n. ~ conceding
conciliatory adj. intended or likely to conciliate
concise adj. giving a lot of information in few words; brief
conclave n. private meeting
conclusive adj. convincing; ending doubt
concoct v. make (sth) by mixing ingredients (esp ones that do not usu go together)
concomitant adj. ~ (fml ) accompanying; happening together
concord n. harmony between people; lack of quarrelling and unfriendliness
concordat n. agreement, esp between a State and the Church on church affairs
concur v. (fml ) ~ (with sb/sth) (in sth) agree; express agreement
concurrent adj. ~ existing, happening or done at the same time
condescend v. do sth that one regards as undignified or below one's level of importance
condign adj. (of punishment, etc) severe and well deserved
condiments [ condiment: ] any spice or sauce such as salt, pepper, mustard, etc.
condole v. ~ with sb (fml ) express sympathy (for a misfortune, bereavement, etc) ,
condone v. treat or regard as if it were not serious or wrong; overlook; forgive
conducive adj. ~ to sth allowing or helping sth to happen
conduit n. large pipe through which liquids flow
confidant n. trusted person to whom one speaks about one's private affairs or secrets
confide v. ~ sth to sb tell (a secret) to sb
confidence n. ~ (in sb/sth) firm trust (in sb, in sb's ability, or in what is said, reported, etc)
confidential adj. to be kept secret; not to be made known to others
confine v. ~ sb/sth keep (a person or an animal) in a restricted space
confiscate v. take possession of by authority, without payment or compensation
conflagration n. great and destructive fire
confluence n. place where two rivers flow together and become one
conformist n. person who conforms to accepted behaviour, the established religion, etc
conformity n. ~ (fml ) (behaviour, etc) conforming to established rules, customs, etc ,
confound v. puzzle and surprise (sb); perplex
congeal v. (cause to) become thick or solid, esp by cooling
congenial adj. pleasing because of similarities in temperament, interests,etc
congenital adj. present from or before birth
conglomerate n. materials gathered together into a rounded mass
conglomeration n. assortment of different things gathered together or found in the same place
congruence correspondence of parts; harmonious relationship
congruent adj. having the same size and shape
conifer n. type of tree that bears cones (cone 3)
conjecture v. ~ (fml ) form (and express) an opinion not based on firm evidence; guess
conjugal adj. of marriage or the relationship between a husband and a wife
conjure v. do clever tricks which seem magical, esp with quick movements of the hands
connivance n. ~ conniving (at a wrong action)
connoisseur n. person with good judgement on matters in which appreciation of fineness or beauty is needed, esp the fine arts
connotation n. idea which a word makes one think of in addition to the main meaning
connubial adj. of marriage; of husband and wife
consanguineous adj. Descended from the same parent or ancestor.
consanguinity n. relationship by being descended from the same family
conscientious adj. careful to do what one ought to do, and do it as well as one can
conscript v. ~ sb force sb by law to serve in the armed forces
consecrate v. bring into religious use or (sb) into a religious office by a special ceremony
consensus n. ~ agreement in opinion; collective opinion
consequential adj. following as a result or an effect (esp indirect)
conservatory n. room with glass walls and roof used to protect plants from cold, built against an outside wall of a house, and with a door into the house .
consign v. ~ sb/sth to sb/sth hand over sb/sth to sb/sth; give sb/sth up to sb/sth
consistency n. (approv ) quality of being consistent(1)
console v. ~ sb give comfort or sympathy to (sb who is unhappy, disappointed, etc)
consolidation n. consolidating or being consolidated
consonance n. harmony
consonant n. speech sound produced by completely or partially obstructing the air being breathed out through the mouth
consort n. husband or wife, esp of a ruler
conspiracy n. ~ act of conspiring, esp joint planning of a crime
conspire v. ~ (against sb); ~ (together) (against sb) make secret plans (with others), esp to do wrong
consternation n. surprise and anxiety; great dismay
constituency n. (body of voters living in a) district having its own elected representative in parliament
constituent adj. forming or helping to make a whole
constitution n. laws and principles according to which a state is governed
constraint n. con-straining or being constrained
construe v. ~ sth (fml ) explain the meaning of (words, sentences, actions, etc); interpret sth
consummate adj. highly skilled; perfect
contagion n. spreadingof disease by being close to or touching other people
contaminate v. ~ sth/sb make sth/sb impure by adding dangerous or disease-carrying substances
contempt n. ~ (for sb/sth) feeling that sb/sth is completely worthless and cannot be respected
contend v. ~ with/against sb/sth; ~ for sth struggle in order to overcome a rival, competitor or difficulty
contention n. ~ contending (contend 1); competition
contentious exhibiting an often perverse and wearisome tendency to quarrels and disputes
contest dispute
context writings preceding and following passage quoted
contiguous adj. ~ (fml ) touching; neighbouring; near
continence n. control of one's feelings, esp in sexual matters
contingent adj. ~ on/upon sth dependent on sth that may or may not happen
contortions [ contortion: ] the act or process of contorting or the state of being contorted
contraband n. goods brought into or taken out of a country illegally
contravene v. act or be contrary to (a law, etc); break
contrite adj. filled with or showing deep regret for having done wrong; repentant
contrivance n. ~ device or tool, esp one made by an individual for a particular purpose
contrive v. plan (sth) cleverly or deceitfully; invent; design
contrived adj. planned in advance rather than being spontaneous or genuine
controvert v. deny the truth of (sth); argue about
contumacious adj. obstinate and disobedient
contusion n. bruise
conundrum n. question, usu with a pun in its answer, that is asked for fun; riddle ;
convene v. summon to come together; arrange (a meeting, etc)
convention n. conference of members of a profession, political party, etc
conventional adj. (often derog ) based on convention(2a)
converge v. ~ ~ (at sth) (of lines, moving objects, etc) (come towards each other and) meet at a point
conversant adj. ~ with sth having knowledge of sth; familiar with sth
converse v. ~ (about sth); ~ (together) (fml ) talk
convert v. ~ (sth) (from sth) (into/to sth) change (sth) from one form or use to another
convex adj. with a curved surface like the outside of a ball
conveyance n. conveying
conviction n. ~ the convicting of a person for a crime
convivial adj. cheerful and sociable; fond of being with others
convoke v. call together or summon (a meeting, etc)
convoluted adj. coiled; twisted
convulsion n. sudden violent uncontrollable body movement, caused by contraction of muscles
copious adj. plentiful; abundant
coquette n. girl or woman who flirts
cordial adj. sincere and friendly
cordon n. line or ring of policemen, soldiers, etc, esp one which guards sth or prevents people entering or leaving an area
cornice n. ornamental moulding, eg in plaster, round the walls of a room, just below the ceiling .
cornucopia n. ornamental animal's horn shown in art as overflowing with flowers, fruit and corn, symbolizing abundance ,
corollary n. ~ (fml ) natural consequence or result; thing that logically must be so, once sth else has been established
coroner n. official who investigates any violent or suspicious death
corporeal adj. of or for the body; bodily
corpulent adj. (of a person or his body) fat
corpus n. collection of written (or sometimes spoken) texts
corpuscle n. any of the red or white cells in the blood
correlate v. ~ ~ A and/with B have a mutual relation or connection, esp of affecting or depending on each other; (try to) show such a relation or connection between sth and sth else
correlation n. ~ ~ (between A and B) mutual relationship
corroborate v. confirm or give support to
corrode v. ~ (away) be destroyed or destroy (sth) slowly, esp by chemical action
corrosive n, adj that corrodes
corrugated adj. folded, wrinkled or furrowed
cosmic adj. of the whole universe or cosmos
coterie n. small group of people with shared activities, interests, tastes, etc, esp one that tends to be exclusive
countenance n. (expression on sb's) face
countermand v. cancel (a command or an order already given), esp by giving a new and opposite one ,
counterpart n. person or thing that corresponds to or has the same function as sb or sth else
coup n. surprising and successful action
couple n. two people or things that are seen together or associated, esp a man and woman together
courier n. person employed to guide and assist a group of tourists
court n. place where trials or other law cases are held
covenant n. formal agreement that is legally binding
covert adj. concealed; not open; secret
covetous adj. ~ (derog ) having or showing a strong desire to possess (esp sth that belongs to sb else)
cow n. fully-grown female of any animal of the ox family, esp the domestic kind kept by farmers to produce milk and beef
cower v. crouch down or move backwards in fear or distress
coy abbr. = company
cozen cheat; hoodwink; swindle
crabbed adj. small and difficult to read
craft n. occupation, esp one that needs skill in the use of the hands; such a skill or technique
crass adj. (fml derog , ) complete; very great; utter
crave v. ~ sth have a strong desire for sth
craven adj. cowardly
credence n. attach/give credence to sth (fml ) believe (gossip, reports, etc)
credential something that entitles a person to confidence, authority, etc.
credo n. creed
credulity n. too great a readiness to believe things
creed n. system of beliefs or opinions, esp religious beliefs
creep v. move slowly, quietly or stealthily, esp crouching low
cremate v. burn to ashes, esp ceremonially at a funeral
crescendo adj. adv of or with increasing loudness
crest n. tuft of feathers on a bird's head
crestfallen adj. sad because of unexpected failure, disappointment, etc
crevice n. narrow opening or crack in a rock, wall, etc ,
cringe v. ~ move back or lower one's body in fear; cower
crinkle n. wrinkle or thin crease, esp in material such as tin foil or paper, or in skin ,
criteria n. (pl of criterion) standard by which sth is judged
crochet n. method of making fabric by looping thread into a pattern of connected stitches, using a hooked needle (called a crochet-hook)
crone n. ugly withered old woman
cross n. mark made by drawing one line across another, eg x or + +
crossbreed Also: interbreed to breed (animals or plants) using parents of different races, varieties, breeds, etc.
crotchety adj. bad-tempered
crust n. hard outer surface of a loaf of bread; pastry covering of a pie, tart, etc
crux n. most vital or difficult part of a matter, an issue, etc
crypt n. room beneath the floor of a church
cryptic adj. with a meaning that is hidden or not easily understood; mysterious
cubicle n. small compartment made by separating off part of a larger room, eg for dressing, undressing or sleeping in
cue n. ~ thing said or done to signal sb's turn to say or do sth, esp in a theatrical or other performance
cuisine n. (style of) cooking
culinary adj. of or for cooking
cull v. kill (a certain number of usu weaker animals) in a herd, in order to reduce its size
culmination n. eventual conclusion or result
culpable adj. ~ deserving blame; blameworthy
culprit n. person who has done sth wrong; offender
culvert n. drain that crosses beneath a road, railway, etc; underground channel for electrical cables ;
cumbersome adj. heavy and difficult to carry, wear, etc
cumulative adj. gradually increasing in amount, force, etc by one addition after another
cunning adj. clever at deceiving people
cupidity n. greed, esp for money or possessions
curator n. person in charge of a museum, an art gallery, etc
curb n. ~ thing that restrains or controls
curfew n. signal or time after which people must stay indoors until the next day
curmudgeon n. bad-tempered person
cursive adj. with letters rounded and joined together
cursory adj. done quickly and not thoroughly; (too) hurried
curtail v. make shorter or less; reduce
cynical adj. of or like a cynic
cynosure n. person or thing that attracts everybody's attention or admiration; centre of attraction