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babble v. talk in a way that is difficult or impossible to understand
bacchanal n. (dated or fml ) bout of noisy, drunken merrymaking . bacchana-lian adj
bacchanalia orgiastic rites associated with Bacchus
bacchanalian [ bacchanalia: ] [often cap] orgiastic rites associated with Bacchus
backslide v. lapse from good ways into one's former bad ways of living
badger n. animal of the weasel family, grey with black and white stripes on its head, living in holes in the ground and moving about at night .
badinage n. playful teasing; banter ;
baffle v. be too difficult for to understand; puzzle
bait n. food or imitation food put on a hook to catch fish or placed in nets, traps, etc to attract prey
baleful adj. threatening evil or harm; menacing
balk n. thick, roughly-squared wooden beam
ballast n. heavy material placed in a ship's hold to keep it steady
balm n. sweet-smelling oil or ointment obtained from certain types of tree, used for soothing pain or for healing ,
balmy adj. (of air) gentle and pleasantly warm
banal adj. commonplace; uninteresting
bandy v. (idm ) bandy `words (with sb) (dated ) exchange words, etc, esp when quarrelling
bane n. the bane of sb's existence/life cause of sb's ruin or trouble
bank n. land sloping up along each side of a river or canal; ground near a river
bantering adj. playfully teasing
bar n. piece of solid material
barb n. point of an arrow, a fish-hook, etc curved backwards to make it difficult to pull out .
bard n. minstrel
barefaced adj. impudent; shameless
bargain n. agreement in which both or all sides promise to do sth for each other
baroque adj. n highly ornate style fashionable in the arts (esp architecture) in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries ,
barrage n. barrier built across a river to store water for irrigation, prevent flooding, etc
barrister n. lawyer who has the right to speak and argue as an advocate in higher lawcourts
barterer [ barter: ] to trade (goods, services, etc.) in exchange for other goods, services, etc., rather than for money
base n. lowest part of sth, esp the part on which it rests or is supported
bask v. ~ sit or lie enjoying warmth
bastard n. illegitimate child
bastion n. part of a fortification that projects from the rest
bate let down; restrain
battalion n. army unit composed of several companies and forming part of a regiment or brigade
bauble n. showy ornament of little value
bawdy adj. amusing in a coarse or indecent way
bearing n. way of standing, walking, etc; deportment
beatific adj. showing or giving great joy and serenity; blissful
beatitude n. great happiness; blessedness ;
bedizen dress with vulgar finery
bedraggle wet thoroughly
beeline the most direct route between two places
befuddle confuse thoroughly
beget v. (arch ) be the father of (sb)
begrudge v. resent or be dissatisfied with
beguile charm (sb)
behemoth huge creature; something of monstrous size or power
beholden adj. ~ to sb (dated or fml ) owing thanks or indebted to sb
behoove n. suited to ; incumbent upon
belabor to explain or insist on excessively
belated adj. coming very late or too late
beleaguer v. besiege
belie v. give a wrong or an untrue idea of (sth)
belittle v. make seem unimportant or of little value
bellicose adj. eager to fight; warlike; aggressive
belligerent adj. waging war; engaged in a conflict
bemoan v. show sorrow for or complain about (sb/sth)
bemused adj. bewildered or confused
benediction n. blessing, esp one said before a meal or at the end of a church service
benefactor n. person who gives money or other help to a school, hospital, charity, etc
beneficent adj. showing active kindness; generous; charitable
beneficial adj. ~ having a helpful or useful effect; advantageous
beneficiary n. person who receives sth, esp one who receives money, property, etc when sb dies
benefit n. profit; gain; future good (used esp with the vs and preps shown)
benevolent adj. ~ being, or wishing to be, kind, friendly and helpful
benign adj. kindly; gentle
benison blessing
bent n. ~ (for sth/doing sth) natural skill (at sth); liking or inclination (for sth/doing sth)
bequeath v. ~ sth (to sb) arrange, by making a will, to give (property, money etc) (to sb) when one dies
berate v. scold sharply
bereaved [ bereave: ] [usually foll by of] to deprive (of) something or someone valued, esp. through death
bereavement n. state of being bereaved
bereft adj. ~ (fml ) deprived of (a power or quality)
berserk adj. wild with rage
beseech v. ~ sb (for sth) ask sb earnestly; implore sb; entreat sb
beset v. (fml ) surround (sb/sth) on all sides; trouble constantly; threaten
besiege v. surround with armed forces in order to make it surrender
besmirch v. dishonour (sb/sth); slander
bestial adj. of or like a beast; brutish; cruel
bestow v. ~ sth (fml ) present sth as a gift (to sb); confer
betoken v. be a sign of (sth); indicate
betray v. ~ sb/sth hand over or show sb/sth disloyally (to an enemy)
betroth become engaged to marry
bevy n. large group
beware v. ~ (of sb/sth) be cautious (of sb/sth); take care (about sb/sth) ;
bewitch v. put a magic spell on
bicameral adj. having two legislative chambers
bicker v. ~ (over/about sth) quarrel about unimportant things
bid v. ~ (sth) (for sth); esp US ~ (sth) (on sth) offer (a price) in order to buy sth, esp at an auction
biennial adj. happening every second year
bifurcated [ bifurcate: ] to fork or divide into two parts or branches
bigot n. person who holds strong beliefs and opinions, and is intolerant of anyone who disagrees
bigotry n. bigoted attitude or behaviour
bilious adj. caused by or suffering from too much bile
bilk v. ~ sb of sth) avoid paying money to sb; cheat sb (out of sth)
billow n. large wave
billowing [ billow: ] a large sea wave
bitter adj. having a sharp taste like aspirin or unsweetened coffee; not sweet
bivouac n. temporary camp without tents or any other cover, esp used by soldiers or mountaineers
bizarre adj. strange in appearance or effect; grotesque; eccentric ;
blackball v. prevent from joining a club or group by voting against him in a ballot
blanch v. prepare by putting briefly in boiling water; scald
bland adj. gentle or casual in manner; showing no strong emotions; suave ;
blandishment n. (fml ) flattering or coaxing words and actions
blare v. ~ make a loud harsh sound like a trumpet
blasphemous adj. showing contempt or irreverence for God and sacred things
blasphemy n. blasphemous behaviour or language
blatant adj. very obvious; unashamed; flagrant
bleak adj. (of a landscape) bare; exposed; wind-swept
blemish n. mark or stain that spoils the beauty or perfection of sb/sth
blight n. disease that withers plants
blighted (adj.) causing frustration or destruction
bliss n. perfect happiness; great joy
blithe adj. happy and carefree; casual
bloated adj. swollen with fat, gas or liquid
blotch n. large discoloured m
blight n. disease that withers plants
blighted (adj.) causing frustration or destruction
bliss n. perfect happiness; great joy
blithe adj. happy and carefree; casual
bloated adj. swollen with fat, gas or liquid
blotch n. large discoloured mark, usu irregular in shape
blowhard a very boastful and talkative person
bludgeon n. short thick stick with a heavy end, used as a weapon
blue adj. having the colour of a clear sky or the sea on a sunny day
blues [ blue: ] any of a group of colours, such as that of a clear unclouded sky, that have wavelengths in the range 490--445 nanometres. Blue is the complementary colour of yellow and with red and green forms a set of primary colours
bluff v. try to deceive by pretending to be stronger, braver, cleverer, etc than one is
blunder n. stupid or careless mistake
blunt adj. without a sharp edge or a point
blurt v. blurt sth out say sth suddenly and tactlessly
blush v. ~ (at sth) become red in the face (because of sth)
bluster v. blow fiercely or in strong gusts
bode v. be a sign of (sth coming)
bog n. wet spongy ground formed of decaying vegetation
bogus adj. not genuine; false
Bohemian n, adj having or displaying a very informal and unconventional way of life ,
boisterous adj. noisy, lively and cheerful
bolster n. long pillow, usu shaped like a roll, across the head of a bed
bolt n. metal bar that slides into a socket to lock a door, window, etc
bombardment n.
bombast n. pompous and meaningless words
bombastic adj. pompous and empty
bookish adj. fond of reading; studious
boon n. request or favour (used esp with the vs shown)
boor n. rough, rude or insensitive man
boorish adj. of or like a boor
boost v. increase the strength or value of help or encourage (sb/sth)
botch v. ~ sth spoil sth by poor or clumsy work; repair sth badly
bouillon n. thin clear soup or broth; stock ;
bound v. form the boundary of (sth); limit
bountiful adj. giving generously
bourgeois adj. of or relating to the property-owning middle class
bout n. ~ short period of a specified activity
bovine adj. of or relating to cattle
bowdlerize expurgate
brackish adj. slightly salty
brag v. ~ (about/of sth) talk with too much pride (about sth); boast
braggadocio a:empty boasting b:arrogant pretension:COCKINESS
braggart n. person who brags
braid n. number of threads of silk, cotton, etc woven together in a narrow band for decorating clothes and material
brand n. particular make of goods or their trade mark
brandish v. wave in a triumphant or threatening way; display
bravado n. display of boldness
brave adj. (of a person) ready to face and endure danger, pain or suffering; having no fear; courageous
brawl n. noisy quarrel or fight
brawn n. strong muscles; muscular strength
brawny adj. strong and muscular
brazen adj. shameless; insolent
breach n. breaking or neglect
breadth n. distance or measurement from side to side; width
breed v. (of animals) produce young
brevity n. shortness or briefness
bridle n. part of a horse's harness that goes on its head, including the metal bit for the mouth, the straps and the reins
brim n. top edge of a cup, bowl, glass, etc
brindled adj. brown with streaks of another colour
brink n. edge at the top of a steep high place, eg a cliff
brisk adj. quick; active; energetic
bristle n. short stiff hair
bristling rising like bristles; showing irritation
brittle adj. hard but easily broken; fragile
broach v. make a hole in to draw off the liquid inside; open (a bottle, etc) to use the contents
brocade n. fabric woven with a raised pattern, esp of gold or silver threads
brochure n. booklet or pamphlet containing information about sth or advertising sth
broil v. cook (meat) on a fire or gridiron; grill
bromide n. chemical compound of bromine, used in medicine to calm the nerves
brooch n. ornament with a hinged pin and clasp, worn on women's clothes ,
brood n. all the young birds or other animals produced at one hatching or birth
brook n. small stream
browbeat v. ~ sb (into doing sth) frighten sb with stern looks and words; bully ; intimidate
browse v. examine books in a casual, leisurely way
bruise n. injury caused by a blow to the body or to a fruit, discolouring the skin but not breaking it
brunt n. bear the brunt of sth
brusque adj. rough and abrupt; curt
buccaneer n. pirate
bucolic adj. of country life or the countryside; rustic ;
buffet n. counter where food and drink may be bought and consumed, esp in a railway station or on a train
buffoon n. ridiculous but amusing person; clown
buffoonery n. ridiculous behaviour; clowning ;
bugaboo bugbear; object of baseless terror
bulge n. rounded swelling; outward curve
bulk n. size, quantity or volume, esp when great
bullion n. gold or silver in bulk or bars, before it is made into coins, etc
bully n. person who uses his strength or power to frighten or hurt weaker people
bulwark n. wall, esp of earth, built as a defence
bump v. ~ against/into sb/sth knock or strike sth with a dull-sounding blow; collide with sth
bungle v. do badly or clumsily; spoil (a task) through lack of skill
buoyant adj. (of an object) able to float
bureaucracy n. system of government through departments managed by State officials, not by elected representatives
burgeon v. (of a plant) put out leaves; sprout
burlesque n. comic or exaggerated imitation; parody
burly adj. with a strong heavy body; sturdy
burnish v. make smooth and shiny by rubbing; polish
bust n. sculpture of a person's head, shoulders and chest
buttress n. support built against a wall .
buxom adj. (of women) plump and healthy-looking; having a large bosom ;